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Welcome to the New Budapest Renovation Company!
We are a 'turn-key' residential renovation company
that specializes in refurbishment of older
type apartments in the center of Budapest.
Take a look and give us a call if you need assistance!
Office: 1052 Budapest,
Feherhajo 12-14
Tel: +36-1-4111-651
Fax: +36-1-4111-649
Mob: +36-20-33-44-294

I am considering to buy a flat and I don't know how much it would be to fix it. Can you help me?

Even though our main business is to help individuals who are in need to complete renovation on the existing property, we realize that cost of renovation can also be an important factor when purchasing a flat. Therefore, we gladly would give you a rough estimate of renovation for a flat you are considering to purchase. Unfortunately, providing detailed quote is more timely simply due to the fact that every point of the project needs to be closely evaluated and priced.

What guarantee I have that I shall receive good quality work and service?

We are a young company driven by young energetic people who at times will go out of their way to please you. We can make guarantees in writing, but we feel that the best guarantee (as in any other business - not just renovations) is our integrity and willingness to work with our clients. This means, of course, that we fully stand behind our work and if something was to happen which is clearly our fault, we would not hesitate to resolve the issue immediately.

I just purchased a property in Budapest which is in need of complete renovation. Unfortunately, I am always traveling and in Budapest only several times per month. Can you still do renovation without me being here?

No Problem! Not having the client nearby to consult with on various design and structural modification issues is more challenging, but can be done if agreed so ahead of time. In such situations we are able to communicate with client by e-mail or fax, e-mail being the most favorable form of distant communication. In such cases we would inform client on various issues, send regular progress reports on the property, as well as digital photos of the work performed. Payments can be arranged through wire transfers in any currency to our accounts. Therefore, there is no need to be constantly tied up to the property or even be in town!

I would like to make my new apartment look and feel great! But I don't know where to start!

The best way to start thinking how to renovate your flat is to periodically buy and look through interior design magazines. In Hungary there are many local interior design magazines. Some examples are Lakas Kultura, Mi Otthonunk, etc. Such publications give plenty of design ideas, but usually concentrate on the habits of local population. Therefore, it is suggested to look through similar magazines in your home country, which might be more in line with your style habits and requirements. Some useful design magazines such as Living Etc, Homes & Antiques, Home & Garden, and others, can be purchased at any airport.

Looking through such magazines would give you a better sense for the style and color theme you desire. This would come very handy later on when time comes to pick desireable finishing materials and paints, as well as necessary modifications needed.

I found a perfect look for my flat in one of the magazines you suggested. Can you replicate it?

Absolutely. All you need is to show us the photographs and we will go from there. Of course, some things would be difficult to replicate exactly, but we guarantee to give our best efforts.

Once renovation is complete, can you help me other stuff like furniture, interior design, etc.

Absolutely. As renovation nearing the end we can assist you with many tasks that follow. One of them is selection and installation of kitchen cabinets and purchase of all house electrical appliances. For example, in the matter of kitchen cabinets we have good relations with carpenters from outside Budapest who can perform quality work at highly competitive costs. We also work closely with an interior designer from the west, so you can expect help in this area as well, if you so desire.

You promised the renovation work to be completed by February 17, but now it is 25 and the work is still not finished. Whats the matter?

Well, firstly we never can promise you that work will be completed exactly by the given date even if we wanted so. The reason is simple: many unexpected matters can come up. For example, at any time during renovation owner requests additional services to be performed, there are problems that cannot be solved quickly with water system, or gas, or electrical company, and many more other problems. What we can do is to give you a rough estimation of completion date, give or take these un-expected occurrences. You can be assured that it is also in our best interests to finish the work quickly, and we do our best to resolve the problems quickly and efficiently and at the same time provide you with the best quality standards