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Budapest City Map


Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and with a population over 2 million it ranks as the largest city in the region. Budapest is also rapidly becoming the financial and administrative capital for Central and Eastern Europe as an increasing number of large multinationals are setting up the regional offices in this city. In total, 44% of all multinational companies with active subsidiaries in the region have chosen Budapest as their headquarters as compared to 25% in Vienna and 25% in Prague.

In addition, Hungary has received over 50 billion dollars in foreign direct investment since the fall of the iron curtain with a large portion of the money going to Budapest. These factors all contribute to a strong and bright future for the city.

As the former number two city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Budapest is home to wide variety of different architectural styles yet the similarities to Vienna and Paris are unmistakable. However, prime real estate in the historic cores of Paris and Vienna can only be acquired at an extremely high cost while the price for a similar property in Budapest is still more then reasonable.

The city is only now recovering from 44 years of socialism with it's former grandeur slowly being restored. Although the city has made much progress and real estate prices have risen, significant capital gains can still be expected as properties are still only 70-80% of the EU average. In 2001 alone, residential property prices in certain districts of the city have increased 86% although there are still plenty of excellent non renovated properties selling at a fraction of their true cost.


Hungarian real estate market mentality is transitioning from prices being determined purely on a square meter basis to the system that exists in Western Europe in which quality and location play more important factors. Currently, some of the best districts to invest in city centre are the 6th and 13th districts while outside of the city core are the 2nd and 12th districts. The 7th and 8th districts, located in the Heart of the city are also scheduled to undergo extensive rehabilitation.
The 6th district is centered around Andrassy Ut, the Hungarian version of the Champs Elysees which ends in Heroes Square. This district is the location of the Opera House as well as many of the old mansions now converted to embassies. The district itself has numerous cafes and green space reminiscent of the turn of the century coffee house atmosphere.
The 2nd district is home to wealthy upper class of Budapest, the district in built on the rolling Buda hills with numerous large mansions. Access to this section by public transportation is difficult making it a relatively quiet section of the city to live in.
The 12th district borders the 2nd and has a similar style and atmosphere. It is home to the prime minister and numerous Hungarian celebrities. One of the unique characteristics of this region are the ancient wine cellars now a part of the World Heritage. This district is ideal for those who desire a quiet relaxing neighborhood yet still want to remain in Budapest.
The 13th district by the West End City Center, Budapest's premier shopping and entertainment complex, is a rapidly developing section of the city for offices and shopping. This district has a atmosphere similar to that of New York.


Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Everything intersects here: highways and rail lines. As well as being the center of industry and commerce which break down to opportunities of wealth and power. Some even call this a "one city" country since this is of only concern to most and all decisions are made here regarding the country.
Budapest is located in Central Europe when considering the newly released communist eastern block countries. It is actually south of London and Paris (latitude), enjoying a continental climate with mild winters and moderate summers. Major highways are well built out all the way to Budapest from Western Europe providing a good hub to see the surrounding countries from.
Like Paris, France, the Budapest history also includes some bloody revolutions - in 1849, 1918 and 1956 that left their mark on the population. The last one was in 1989 when communism ended. Fortunately, this one was a peaceful surrender of the government, to the will of the people. The first time in over 45 years that this actually mattered to them.
Since 1990 there has been tremendous growth and development of buildings and parks with a total reconstruction of most roads and highways to and from the city. Hungarians can be considered stylish and prideful with a big heart and eagerness to learn and do better. In short, Budapest is "worthy" to compare with all western European capital cities. Comparing architecture sometimes also referred to as the "twin city" to Vienna, Austria.
When overlooking Budapest from the Royal Palace wall or the Fisherman's Bastion of "Castle Hill", it's easy to see why Budapest is sometimes called "The Pearl of the Danube". Its grand turn of the century buildings and beautiful bridges are an architectural marvels and grandiose, especially when the floodlights illuminate them at night or illuminated by fireworks on August 20, St Stephen's Day.
Since the Communist system ended in 1990, Budapest has also experienced a new surge of commercial revitalization. New luxury hotels and new malls, restaurants, pubs and clubs have all spontaneously appeared. At the same time unfortunately, the illegal sex industry also has earned Budapest the nickname of the "Bangkok of Europe".
Many Hungarians are very worried about the erosion of their thousand-year-old culture by foreign globalization influences, others perceive a new golden-age for Budapest with large amounts of foreign investments on a rise in the past decade.
The River Danube serves as a good orientation landmark during your visit, with Buda on the hilly left side and flat Pest on the right. You will find sights in Buda, the I district, consisting of "Castle Hill", Gellért-hegy that has the prominent Liberty Statue and the Citadella. Pest is the commercial center or downtown "Belváros" with highlights such as Vaci Street where all can delight in window shopping, fine restaurants and casual cafes.

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